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Welcome to Express Group (Fife) Limited


For over 40 years, people in Fife with mental health problems have been able to turn to Express Groups to help them cope and recover. For some, the Groups are perhaps the only place they can meet people and socialise; for others, they are a chance to help and show what they can do.  The cooked meal at the end of the morning is a definite draw for most! The aim of the Groups is to provide a place where users of the service can share experiences, and support each other (peer support). This aim is as relevant today as it was in 1977, and the number of people living in the community with mental health problems is as large as ever. Although Groups are supported by volunteer helpers, many of whom have given years of service, and some by paid staff, they are in essence what their users of the service make them. All the Groups are safe places in which users of the service can relax and move forward at their own pace, but each has its own character. In addition to the groups we support service users on a one to one basis to develop and maintain individual recovery plans using the IROC (Individual Recovery Outcome Counter)© system developed by Penumbra.  Service users can also access our Auricular Acupuncture programme which has proved to be very beneficial for many individuals.


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Company Limited by Guarantee.

Registration No. SC 283586,

Registered Office, 16 East Fergus Place, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, KY1 1XT

Registered Charity No. SC 015338

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We are looking for people with an interest in joining our Board of Directors. For further information please see the Vacancies page.

Fife Bipolar

The Fife Bipolar group has moved premises. Meetings,on the second Tuesday each month, will now be held at:

St Bryce Kirk, St Brycedale Avenue, Kirkcaldy, KY1 1ET

Anxiety Exposure Group - Currently no courses running

St Andrews Garden Group - It's Your Neighbourhood Award 2016, please see Garden Group page










 Registered Charity No. SC 015338 
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