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Volunteers Week 2022

It is the 38th year of Volunteers’ Week this year and we are excited to be one of the many organisations celebrating and thanking Scotland’s Volunteers this week. It is a special time to recognise and thank Volunteers for all they contribute to the voluntary and wider sectors, communities, and society as a whole! 

Our Volunteers are the life blood of the organisation. Without them the Groups could just not function. To say Thank You! we organised small presentations at groups across Fife. Volunteers received certificates, gift cards and chocolates; groups enjoyed small buffet instead of regular lunches (very often prepared by Volunteers). We also sent Thank You cards to those helping quietly in the background e.g. baking amazing cakes for groups.  

Please have a look at the pictures below:

There are William and Aileen who help out at our Cupar group in the YMCA on Friday mornings.
And Robert who helps out at our Dunfermline group in Gillespie Church twice a week.
He is retired post man - as you can see he enjoys working in the office now :).

There are more Volunteers, but some prefer not to be on pictures. There are also those “volunteering from home”. Thank you all, for your volunteering and for volunteering with Express Group Fife!


If you are interested in volunteering with us please click here or contact us:
email info@expressgroupfife.org.uk, phone 01592 645331.


 EX Psychiatric Recreational Educational Social Skills GROUP 
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